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Tuition Software

Tuition Software


Our JVs Odyssia Learning Inc for launching math and English learning from K1 to K12 help to advance knowlwdge. Taleemibaithak market different literally software titles on the market that are geared towards improving reading scores. Hypermedia-based children’s literature programs, sometimes called “talking storybooks,” are one of the most popular types of software’s. These programs read stories aloud to students in realistic digitized speech, colorful graphics and text, and students often can interact with both text and graphics.


  • Benefits for Home Schools & Computer classrooms
  • Boost reading skills, Increase reading confidence ,Improve school grades quickly Enjoy entertaining stories ,Teach Moral Values ,Reduce dependency on teacher & tutor


Taleemibaithak is also an advisory center for kids, parents and teachers who are looking for credible & best educational software. With internet sites often providing endlessly long lists, we have chosen to provide you with selected learning areas, of what we view as the very best we have seen as per our educational system needs. For every program that you get here, there are many that we have viewed and tested in our selection process.


General Early Learning Social /Pakistan Studies Simulation Learning and Sports couching
Literacy and learning skills encompassing all personality building Science, Physic, chemistry, Biology and other science subjects English, Grammar, writing, speaking, Story writing
Second Language Creative/Visual Arts Learning Tools and Health n Fitness, diet, stitching
Mathematics Thinking/Problem Solving Urdu literature and fiction
Multi-Subject by Grade Quran and Islam values, Seerat-e Tyyaba Reference and Specialized books


As teachers, university instructors, and educational professionals, we have seen that good quality educational software, matched with the right person at the right time, can be magical. Taleemibaithak makes it an enjoyable and engaging experience. Taleemibaithak helps child at age or stages and in all areas of learning. By giving you a manageable range of top-quality selections, by age and learning area, we hope to make selecting good quality educational software for your children or students easy. It will help reduce burden on parents and make available the international standard education at their door steps.


Help Your Child with Reading Software


The type of software that you choose for your child will depend on his age, personality, and reading ability. A child will be able to grow with the software that lets him choose from numerous skill levels. When possible, try out the software before buying it. The following is part of the Helping Your Child Learn Series, from Taleemibaithak Education.


Learning with Computers


Many computer programs (also called software) offer activities that can both grab your child’s interest and teach good lessons. Children as young as 3 years old, though they can’t read yet, may still have fun using some of the colorful, action—filled programs with enjoyable characters. Computer reading programs let your child:


  • Hear stories, read along and read by herself.
  • Play with objects and characters on the screen that teach the alphabet, simple words, rhyming words and other skills important to learning to read.
  • Command the computer with her voice, record herself reading and play back the recording so that she can hear herself.
  • Write simple sentences and make up stories.
  • Add pictures and characters to her stories and have them read back.
  • Make and print her own books/Make slide shows.
  • Gain praise and see improvement in her language abilities.


When sitting at a computer with your child, join in at first. Later, watch as he plays. Always praise and guide him when you need to. Make sure that you choose the right programs for your child’s age. Often, one program may have activities for many ages. As your child grows, the program gets more challenging. In fact, if you have children of different ages, the same program can allow each to learn and practice different skills


  • Tips for picking a good software program
  • Teachers’ and experts’ recommendations
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